First ROADVIEW kick-off meeting held

On 8-9 September 2022, the kick-off for the Horizon Europe granted research consortium ROADVIEW was held at Halmstad University. This was the first time representatives from the 16 partners met in person and receive the opportunity to introduce their competencies to each other and dive into details related to the project. The consortium is a perfect combination of leading universities in the field and research institutes, high-tech SMEs, and strong industry leaders. Beyond their research excellence, the consortium members bring a unique portfolio of testing sites and testing infrastructure, ranging from hardware-testing facilities and rain and wind tunnels to test tracks north of the Arctic Circle. During the kick-off meeting the team went through the entire project plan and defined concrete tasks for each partner for the first year. All related open issues were discussed in detail. We would like to thank our Project Coordinator, Eren Erdal Aksoy and Halmstad University for hosting the first ROADVIEW meeting and all participants for their active and engaging involvement.