Work Plan

The ROADVIEW workplan is divided into 9 distinct Work Packages (WP). All project management activities, including the supervision of the innovation process are implemented as part of WP1. All communication, dissemination and exploitation activities are concentrated in WP9.

  • WP2 will focus on ODDs expansion and in the definition of the ROADVIEW system setup;
  • WP3 addresses digital models enhanced by controlled and real-world environments;
  • WP4 ensures secure sensor data processing and data quality;
  • WP5 focuses on the perception system and collaborative perception performance;
  • WP6 develops a control and decision-making system including vehicle velocity control, navigation and manoeuvring systems.


The implementation and validation of the X-in-the-loop test environment approach is considered in WP7 and the final integration and demonstration of the perception, control and decision-making systems in the city and highway driving will be carried out in WP8.