ROADVIEW launches its first newsletter

ROADVIEW is thrilled to announce the launch of its project newsletter, aimed at providing valuable insights, updates and information related to our research, modelling, development and testing of autonomous vehicles in harsh weather conditions.

In the edition, we introduce the ROADVIEW project, its goals, significance, and the various activities of our consortium. Our project coordinator, Eren Aksoy, shares insights on the potential impact of ROADVIEW on society.

We also explore the collaboration between the project and the Connected, Cooperative, and Automated Mobility (CCAM). This partnership aims to support the development, scaling, and practical application of innovative CCAM solutions.

Furthermore, we touch upon ROADVIEW’s presence at high-level conferences, aiming to increase project visibility, foster collaboration, and engage potential investors. We have also included details about the upcoming ROADVIEW webinar, which offers readers an overview of the Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) industry.

To conclude, this issue features profiles of two key ROADVIEW partners: Halmstad University(HH) and the Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI).

Read the newsletter by clicking here or on top of the image. To receive the most recent updates and engaging content, subscribe to the ROADVIEW newsletter by visiting our dedicated page.

We hope you enjoy the read!
accelopment on behalf of the project consortium